Tax consultancy

The legislative instability conditions and also the companies’ tendency to protect themselves from risks have made the advice of a tax consultant more than necessary. Taxes can no longer be managed following rumours or indications of people offering unprofessional solutions just to please their boss. Our specialists can help you advance through the Romanian tax legislative thicket while keeping you updated on all legislative news.

Our team specialized in taxes provides professional consultancy on profit tax, value added tax, global income tax, non-residents’ income tax, owing to our long-term experience gained in the public finance and state financial control field and also to the managing positions held within national private companies.

EU VAT registrations and related tax advisory

As soon as Romania has joined EU and became an active member state, we have developed our tax advisory service concerning the VAT registration in Romania of non-resident legal entities. Thus, we provide assistance for the registration procedure, as well as for fulfilling the fiscal obligations of the legal entity registered as VAT payer in Romania.

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