Ordinance no. 16/2013 for the amendment and completion of Law no. 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code and the regulation of certain financial-fiscal measures

According to this ordinance the following rules are introduced:

– the reduced VAT rate of 9% applicable for the supply of bakery products as well as of the    related raw material necessary for their preparation (the Ordinance highlights the NACE/CPSA codes of the products for which the reduced VAT rate of 9% applies)

– simplification measures for the supply of electrical energy and for the transfer of green certificates carried out between taxable persons registered for VAT purposes in Romania, which will be applicable until 31 December 2018 (including cereals)

– the VAT registration of the companies established according to Law 31/1990 is cancelled if  the main shareholders/sole shareholder have/has criminal offenses in their fiscal record

4 September 2013