ORDER No. 1.966 as of 24 July 2015 for approval of the template and content of the form 088 „Tax return for the evaluation of intention and ability to conduct a business implying VAT operations”

Starting 1 February 2015, the taxable persons established in compliance with the Companies Law 31/1990 are obliged to submit the Form 088 in order to obtain the VAT registration.

A new template and content of tax return 088 was approved in July 2015. It includes two new questions, one of them referring to the amounts which the shareholders and CEOs have lent to their company, which has applied for VAT registration. The second question checks if the form 088 has been submitted previously for the same company.

The order stipulates that it is necessary to enclose certain supporting documents such as documents proving the kind of business conducted at the headquarter and/or branches, as well as outside their premises (permits, authorizations etc.); employment agreement of persons with important positions in the company.

18 September 2015