Government Emergency Ordinance no. 102/2013, which amends and supplements Law No.571 / 2003, regarding the Tax Code, and regulates financial and tax measures.

The amendments to Law no.571 / 2003, regarding the Tax Code, refer to the following aspects:


– a new tax is introduced, i.e. the tax on construction

– introduction of the option to choose a tax year different from the calendar year

– companies operating in the consultancy and management industries included, which record more than 80% of their total income from other activities shall apply the tax regimen of microenterprises. If, in   one tax year, the income obtained from consultancy and management exceeds 20% of the total income, the microenterprise shall become a profit tax payer.

The categories of income taken into account upon the determination of the tax base for microenterprises’ income have also been amended.

– taxable persons that are not established in Romania, are not registered and are not obligated to    register for VAT purposes in Romania, having the right to claim VAT refund on the importation and acquisition of goods / services performed in Romania, shall no longer be required to provide evidence of VAT payment.

2 December 2013